Certificate for participation as a finalist for the Natura2000 Award 2018

Ottensheim fish bypass: Natura2000 Award Finalist

We are pleased to have been a finalist for the Natura2000 Award 2018 with the Ottensheim fish bypass project, and we congratulate the winners.

To the Natura2000 Award winners

With subsidies from the EU-LIFE+ funds (LIFE10 NAT/AT/000016) and through the support of the Ministry of Life as well as the Fishing Associations of Upper and Lower Austria, extensive networking measures will be implemented by 2020 on the Austrian Danube.

In the coming years, 25 million euros have been designated for the sustainable upgrading of the Danube habitat and accessibility. Improvements for fish include the new creation of habitat through the construction of bypass channels with manifold structures, from which 17 fish species protected by the Flora-Fauna-Habitats Directive will benefit. As a matter of course many other fish species in the Danube will be using the bypass possibilities and the newly created habitats. Four Natura-2000 areas will be interconnected through the creation of "ecological stepping stones". 

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