The sub-projects of LIFE+ Network Danube have been successfully completed

3 fish passes, 4 locations, 5 measures: between 2016 and 2020, project manager VERBUND worked with partners to implement extensive improvements to waterbodies and species diversity on the Danube in Austria. The measures represent so-called “ecological stepping stones” and interconnect four Natura 2000 areas.
About the measures

Project report - Layman’s report

In the final report on the LIFE Network Danube project (layman’s report), we look back on the project’s history. The sub-projects are explained individually and the ecological successes of the implemented measures are presented in detail.

LIFE+ Network Danube: Ecological show of strength for generations

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Europe’s longest fish pass in Ottensheim

Europe’s longest fish pass was built between 2016 and 2018 at Ottensheim power plant. Over a distance of 14.2 kilometres, it creates a means for diverting around the Danube power plant as well as new habitat.
About the Ottensheim fish pass

Greifenstein fish pass

Fish swim around the Danube power plant at Greifenstein using a 4.4 km-long parallel channel. The project connects to the "Gießgang Greifenstein" and supplements the artificially created wetland with additional habitat.
About the Greifenstein fish pass

New banks for the Danube

New banks were created between the Melk and Ybbs power plants. Ballast islands and gravel banks provide a place for juvenile fish to retreat from the impact of waves and predators, thereby strengthening species diversity in the Danube.
Excavations at the base of the barrage in Melk

Marktau ballast island

Right below the exit of the Ottensheim fish pass, at the end of the Abwinden-Asten barrage area, a ballast island was created with gravel fill. The near-natural bank structure provides protection and habitat for juvenile fish.
About the Marktau sub-project

Abwinden-Asten fish pass

The most recent sub-project is the fish pass at the Danube power plant Abwinden-Asten (Upper Austria). A near-natural bypass stream enables fish to migrate around the power plant and creates additional habitat on the Danube.
Abwinden-Asten fish pass

LIFE+ Network Danube Project Partners

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