LIFE+ and Natura2000

LIFE+ projects such as Network Danube implement measures for the preservation and improvement of habitats for endangered animals and plants. They are conducted primarily in Natura 2000 areas.

LIFE: EU Financial Instrument for the Promotion of Environmental Measures

L’Instrument Financier pour l’Environnement (LIFE for short) is an EU financial instrument for the promotion of environmental measures throughout the whole EU and in selected candidate countries, acceding countries and neighbouring countries of the EU.

Among the projects of LIFE + are climate change, nature and biological diversity, health and quality of life, and the management of natural resources and waste.
The following focal points were laid down in a regulation from 9 June 2007:

  • Nature and biological diversity
  • Environmental policy and administrative practice
  • Information and communication


Source: Wikipedia

Natura 2000: Protection of endangered plant and animal species and their habitats

Natura 2000 is the official name for a network of protected areas that are being established within the European Union. Its purpose is the transnational protection of endangered wild domestic flora and fauna and their natural habitats.

In 2010, the Natura-2000 network already comprised approx. 18 % of the land area of the European Union

Source: Wikipedia