LIFE+ Network Danube: goals and measures

Using a multitude of ecological measures we are trying to restore uninterrupted, natural fish migration paths through run-of-river power plants on the Danube.

Overview of the individual projects

Five sub-projects aim at restoring passability for fish at three run-of-river power plants on the Danube. €25m have been invested in the sustainable improvement of the habitat along the Danube and the river’s continuity of flow. The project is creating bypass arms with diverse structures and thus new habitat for numerous fish. Fourteen species of fish protected by the Fauna Flora Habitat directive will benefit from this. Obviously, other species of Danube fish will also use the new bypass possibilities and the newly created habitat.

Danube LIFE+ Network: Measures

Danube LIFE+ Network: Measures
Using a multitude of ecological measures we are trying to restore continuous accessibility for fish through run-of-river power plants on the Danube.


LIFE+ Danube Network: Goals – Fish Accessibility and Danube Habitats

Fish accessibility is to be implemented through the new construction of bypass channels, which, in addition to accessibility and traversability, are also to provide natural habitats. Implementation will ensue in compliance with currently valid guidelines (FAH guidelines from the federal ministry) and will also be evaluated by means of scientific examinations (fish ecological monitoring).

  • Restoration of continuous accessibility of the Danube for all occurring species
  • Creation of habitats by means of gravel structures, lateral integration of connecting bodies of water
  • Integration of Natura-2000 areas (stepping stone biotopes between conservation areas)
  • Reinforcement of fish stock in the surrounding areas as well
  • Closing the gaps between LIFE projects in Lower Austria that have already been realised
  • Upgrading of earlier investments
  • Implementation of the Water Framework Directive