Fish bypass for the Abwinden-Asten power plant on the Danube

As part of LIFE Network Danube, the Abwinden-Asten power plant on the Danube is being upgraded with a modern fish bypass.

Map showing the course of the fish bypass at the Danube power plant Abwinden-Asten

Overview of the fish bypass

Danube power plant Abwinden-Asten
Dry stream bed with excavator

Construction progress in Summer 2019

Progress at the five-kilometre-long construction site at the Danube power plant Abwinden-Asten is swift. Currently, intensive work is being done on the new channel. Excavators, giant lorries, concrete mixers and many other heavy load vehicles that get every (child’s) heart racing are in use over the entire length of the site. The corrugated metal culverts, which will later become bridges, have already been installed. The concrete for the inlet structure is already in place, the steel components are being installed.

The construction site in summer 2019

Photo sketch of the cycle path diversion during construction work on the bypass at Abwinden-Asten

Danube cycle path diversion necessary at the Abwinden-Asten power plant

Construction work on the near-natural bypass stream is in full swing. For safety reasons, the existing R4 cycle path will be diverted for the duration of the work so that cyclists, walkers and other recreational athletes can continue to use the Danube cycle path. Diversion signs indicate the temporary cycle path. The access road to lake Ausee is also specially signposted.

Group picture of the project partners with spades at the groundbreaking ceremony

Groundbreaking ceremony for the Abwinden-Asten fish bypass

Together with its partners, VERBUND is equipping the Abwinden-Asten power plant with a new fish bypass. Over a distance of more than 5 kilometres, fish and other living creatures will find a new habitat and an opportunity to pass around the power plant. A total of approximately five hectares of new rive habitat will be created. The total investment in this measure is about 6.5 million euros; in addition to VERBUND, it will also receive financial support from the European Union, the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism, the province of Upper Austria and the Upper Austrian Provincial Fisheries Association. The work is scheduled to run until early 2020.
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Construction machine in a wintry forest

Construction preparations on the floodplain

VERBUND is starting on the preparations for the construction of the fish bypass at the Danube power plant Abwinden-Asten in 2019. The first clearing activities in the floodplain forest will start in mid-January 2019. Earthworks for the bypass stream will also start during the winter. The fish bypass will be completed in spring 2020.
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Fish bypass for the Abwinden-Asten power plant on the Danube

Abwinden–Asten power plant lies some 7 km downstream from the centre of Linz and will be upgraded with a fish ladder on the right bank. It is intended that the fish ladder be constructed as a semi-natural bypass stream. With the exception of the lowest section, it is situated in the "TRAUN-DANUBE-WETLANDS" flora-fauna-habitat and bird conservation area. Under normal flow conditions, the stream will bridge a total difference in height of 9.3 m between reservoir area and tailrace.

In accordance with the best available international technology, the access lies downstream from the turbine outlets. It thus ensures that the fish ladder can be located with ease, especially for the spawning migration of Danube fish species that love current (nase, barb and also Danube salmon).